Acid Producing Bacteria (APB) Test Kit

Bacteria that secrete acid during the fermentation of organic substrates are called acid-producing bacteria.The type and amount of acids produced depends on the type of microorganism and the available substrate molecules. These types of bacteria are considered as one of the main causes of microbial corrosion in such a way that with fermentation activities on organic compounds in water, they produce substances that play a role in the destruction of metals and are the main cause of acidic waters in the industry.

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Damage Caused by Acid Producing Bacteria

 The presence of acids increases the tendency of corrosion, and the effect of corrosion becomes more severe when acid-producing bacteria are trapped in the biofilm-metal interface. Acids promote the electrochemical oxidation of various metals by removing or preventing the formation of oxide films. Acid-producing bacteria also accelerate the corrosion of cathodically protected stainless steel. These types of bacteria are usually found in storage tanks and platform bases.

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Damage caused by APB on a concrete pipe

Acid-producing bacteria can be considered as bacteria that provide the best conditions for the growth and reproduction of SRB, which consumes the produced acids. APB, along with SRB and IRB, are three important types of bacteria effective in corrosion. In the last two decades, the industry has shown more awareness and attention to the harmful effects of acid-producing bacteria. "nkk APB test kit""تست کیت باکتری اسید" "تست کیت APB"
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