Total Bacterial Count (TBC) Test Kit

Bacteria can alter the color of water, change its taste and odor, or cause equipment to corrode, destroy, or clog the pipes. A large population of bacteria may also contain several microorganisms harmful to human health. In general, the purpose of the TBC Test Kit is to count the total aerobic bacteria , determine the bacterial content of the sample and evaluate the water quality.

Damage Caused by Aerobic Bacteria

Aerobic bacteria form a layer called biofilm while sticking to the metal surface. Over time, the thickness of the biofilm can be increased to the extent that it may be visible to the eye. Microorganisms increase the tendency of metal to pitting by forming biofilms. Also, the formed biofilm provides a suitable environment for the growth and proliferation of other bacteria.

"TBC test kit" "تست کیت شمارش کلی باکتری" TBC تست کیت

Using this kit, the test can be done immediately after sampling. The time between collecting water samples and testing is so important,. The number of bacteria in a water sample can multiply within several hours at room temperature. Therefore, if there is a delay of more than 1-2 hours between sample collection and testing, a correct assessment of the bacterial content of the original water sample will not be obtained.

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